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This is a brief introduction to our therapists and support staff, feel free to make an appointment to get to know more about our approach to mental health treatment.

Click on the photo to schedule with DeAnn

Click on the photo to schedule with DeAnn

Norma "DeAnn" Fleming, LCPC, LPC

I recognize the emotional pain and physical suffering that comes with life stressors. With over 20 years of mental health experience, I have specialized education and training in the core components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I assist clients to create positive changes in their lives. My experience also includes inpatient social services counseling, community psychiatric rehabilitation specialist, and co-occurring disorders professional and group facilitator. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and adults using compassionate, goal oriented change strategies to empower wellness. I am also one of only a few providers in the Midwest who offer Somatic Experiencing, which is a neurobiological approach to treatment that works with the body to discharge trauma and stabilize the nervous system. I am currently seeing clients in the Overland Park office.

Personally, I was born and raised in the Kansas City area. I continue to love the Midwest and am raising my two sons and daughter to enjoy what our beautiful city has to offer. I have traveled extensively on the east coast as well as a few abroad locations. I love the Outer Banks, NC and Okinawa, Japan. I am looking forward to Italy, Greece, France, and Ireland travels in the near future. As for my favorite destination location within a few hours, Bennett Springs, Missouri. In my spare time I enjoy photography, reading, movies, as well as watching my children's sports and our local professional teams!

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Click on the photo to schedule with Jenna

Jenna "Jenna"Foraker, LPC, LCPC

I am an EMDRIA trained therapist, who has been in the field for over ten years. I have experience in substance abuse, family issues, co-dependency, addictions, severe anxiety and mental illnesses. I work with clients as young as 3 years old. I don't believe that there is any situation that can't get better, with coping skills and support.  I have been in private practice since 2014 and a clinician since 2005 (You are supposed to say that I don't look old enough). My experience in this field is extensive, I have worked with families that were in foster care, helped to prevent children from coming into foster care through a grant, telemedicine, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse both adults and adolescents, outpatient mental health therapy, I am currently working in the Lee’s Summit office only.  

I also was personally born and raised in the Kansas City area. I enjoy spending time with my friends being crafty. I have a total of 4 nieces and nephews that I spend as much time as I can with.. DeAnn have I said enough? Am I close enough yet? I am not wordy in writing, but I am chatty.

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Katie is out on leave and not currently taking new clients

until April, 2019

Katie Sullivan, LCPC


I believe in the power of change, healing, and coping through collaborative efforts of the client and clinician. I have training and maintain efforts to provide comprehensive components of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.   My experience working in inpatient psychiatric hospitals and in outpatient partial hospitalization programs as well as, intensive outpatient programs has allowed me to assist in the transformation of mental wellness and substance use clients from the beginning through stabilization.  I now have a passion to assist those on their journey in individual, group skills training, and family therapy. I enjoy working with diverse populations including adults, adolescents, and college age males/females struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and personality disorders. I use concepts of mindfulness and holistic philosophies to meet goals and effectively create positive change. 

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City and in my spare time, I am an active Kansas City native. I love exploring this ever growing city and supporting all of my local teams, small businesses, and artists. I enjoy being outdoors, live music, and traveling especially to the ocean or anywhere with water. I have three sisters and a large blended family.  My most recent goal is to pursue pet therapy as a new intervention to incorporate with my clients. Stay tuned!

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Click on the picture to schedule with Courtney

Courtney Kivett, LMSW

Helping others heal and grow in their intimate relationships is what I feel most passionate about in life. My clinical focus is rooted in helping people experiencing marital and relationship issues, communication barriers, sexual dysfunction and intimacy struggles. Throughout the past decade working in the mental health field, I understand how symptoms of anxiety, depression, low-self worth, and anger can affect a client's relationships and ability to feel bonded to others. I hold a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work as well as an undergraduate degree in Social Work and Human Sexuality to help me better understand the vast intricacies of human intimate relationships. I provide treatment utilizing techniques from several evidence-based perspectives and strive to find the right blend of modalities to fit each client individually. I am currently working in the Lee’s Summit office two days a week.

I have lived in Kansas City as far back as I can remember and am proud to assist others in this community with reaching their goals through therapy. Outside of my professional life, I spend my time with those closest to me as we explore new restaurants, venues, and activities throughout the city. I am an avid enthusiast of good food, great company, and everything cozy.

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Click on the photo to schedule with Tammy

Click on the photo to schedule with Tammy

Tammy Noller, LPC


I believe change is possible for all of us, and I have seen that change develop in many clients over the course of a collaborative treatment.  I believe that, working together, we can develop a rich and fulfilling understanding of each client’s personality.  I like working with adults in individual therapy as we work through depression, anxiety, trauma. I am currently working three days a week in the Lee’s Summit office.

I have lived in Kansas City all my life. I have two grown daughters, who I enjoy spending (any spare time that they have) time with them. I also enjoy Royals baseball, ice hockey, cooking, pets, and any of my children’s activities.